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Urgent Care Hospital

  Do I Need an Urgent Care Hospital?

Before you make an appointment with your regular doctor or you just ignore that pain or illness, we’ve put together a few tips that can help you decide if an urgent care hospital may be a better choice. So, do you need an urgent care hospital? Consider the following.

Are you too sick to work?

If you are too sick to go to work or school, you may want to visit urgent care. Not only will you be able to feel healthy and well more quickly but you will be able to get a note to take to your workplace to show them that YES, you really were sick!

Is the pain unbearable?

When you are dealing with a serious injury, sometimes the pain can be unbearable! Why should you wait until your regular doctor can see you. An urgent care hospital can help you find ways to deal with the pain and can refer you to a specialist if it may be necessary.

Is it a weekend or a holiday?

Weekends and holidays are fun, of course, but if you are dealing with an illness or injury they can be problematic. You’ll find it is harder to get the high level of medical care you are used to--unless you visit a nearby urgent care facility that is open extended hours compared to a regular doctor’s office.
If you have any additional questions on whether or not visiting urgent care makes sense or you want some help to find urgent care center near you, reach out to us at Willis Urgent Care. We are committed to you and your health and will go the extra mile to help you. GIve us a call today and you will never find yourself looking online to find urgent care center facilities again.

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