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escription, plus x-ray and 1-2 inhouse labs

Flat Rate Pricing for Cash Pay at Willis Urgent Care

Level 1  - Exam, prescription, Urine Analysis, Blood Sugar, Pregnancy, Ear Ache--Injection plus $20.00


Level 2 -  Exam, prescription, Strep, Mono, Flu,  Injections, EKG 


Level 2A--

 X-Rays (includes above)


Level 3 -- Exam, prescription labs, xray, plus fracture/ procedure


You never have to 'guess' what your visit will cost.  Each Level includes any of the tests and/or treatments your provider deems necessary.  Level 2A (for example) includes not only an x-ray, but indicated lab/treatment in Level 1 or Level 2.



Willis Urgent Care has many of the same amenities and treatment options as an ER, but if we uncover conditions that need further treatment, we will arrange transfer to a hospital of your choice.  We can also notify your primary care physician.

Physicals and Drug Screen

Sports/ School/Camp Physicals-- $35

Adult Wellness Exam -- $75

DOT Physical -- $125

Urine Drug Screen -- $55

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