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Urgent Care Clinic Near Me

  Five Reasons You May Need to Find an Urgent Care

You’ve seen offices in shopping centers and located inside pharmacies. But, you may wonder why you would need an urgent care clinic near me. Here are five reasons we think you might want to utilize one of these offices.


  • You Don’t Have a Primary Care Doctor - Perhaps you are new to the area or you have just changed insurance carriers. No matter the reason, if you don’t have a regular doctor an urgent care can help you get healthy and stay well.


  • Your Doctor is Closed - Many doctor’s offices are closed on the weekend or in the evenings. An urgent care facility may have more flexible hours and let you get the care you need even if it’s outside of normal business hours.


  • Your Doctor Can’t See You Now - Sometimes doctors are booked. If you can’t get into your regular doctor right away, find urgent care, and get the same level of care right now.


  • You Have a Minor Issue - A small issue like a sprain or sore throat may not be worth visiting your regular doctor for. However, it can be a pain--literally. An urgent care clinic near me is a great option for resolving that problem quickly and easily.


  • You’re Traveling - If you are far from home, you may not have access to your regular doctor or his or her practice. Stopping by an urgent care facility will help you resolve your problem right now no matter where you may be.

As always, if you are looking to find urgent care services in or around Willis, Texas, we encourage you to reach out to us at Willis Urgent Care. Our doctors, nurses and other staff members are 100% committed to making sure you feel your best and have the level of care you deserve.

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