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Urgent Medical Center

  Four Conditions that May Be Well Served by An Urgent Medical Center

Have you wondered whether going to an urgent medical center is the right choice? After all, you could go to the hospital or make an appointment for another date at your regular doctor. Here are four conditions that you may want to visit an urgent medical center for.


  • Upper Respiratory Illness - Think you have the flu or wondering if your cold is something more serious? A visit to the urgent care can give you the peace of mind you need and may help you determine the best way to treat your illness so you can get back to work or school sooner.


  • Broken Bone or Sprain - If you are injured and think it could be a sprain or broken bone, visiting urgent care is a great choice. You can rule out anything serious and the care you need to get on the mend quickly and easily. Plus, if the situation is serious they can refer you to a hospital.


  • Unknown Itch or Rash - An itchy or burning rash is never any fun. You shouldn’t have to deal with this issue alone. Going to urgent care is often the best way to get this problem resolved and make sure it is not anything too serious.


  • Preventative Care - Yes, many urgent medical center facilities offer preventative care too. Perhaps you want to chat with a medical expert about your heartburn or a vitamin deficiency, urgent care is a great choice!

If you’re looking for a great urgent medical center near me, reach out to Willis Urgent Care today. We are proud to give you and your family the high level of medical care and expertise you deserve, no matter what the problem. Our goal is to make you comfortable and ensure that you get to feeling your best quickly!

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